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Hi This is avitha Today I am going to bring you a new girls in this agency and expressions of her in regard to talk about the world what’s your name or may, I take your name is a very common expression for a very common thing the escorts agency when we want to talk about the escort girl name correct however speaking good English is a bit using the same escort girl in different ways in the phone conversation that day, I am gonna bring you a lesson which will help of use this world that is injurious different why we are going to find the different people have my name is Priya Hyderabad Escorts right but hopefully let’s see what kind of names because in the Hyderabad Escorts the first name is probably the most common name that we hear about it’s your full name your full name is comprised of your name, if you have one and your last name Avitha my last name good surname pharmacy College family name and your middle name could be with any other name that you are known by or it could also be your father’s name when someone tells you to give you that phone, I’m they are expecting you to give your first name your last name you may or may not get your name is 8 heads what is the nickname is a name the keeper call you by but is not an official name ok maybe your name is Victoria Hyderabad Escorts Service code maybe your name is Christopher and your cold as midi Chris nicknames on your official make your phone that their names are people does call you buy it could be in your family or your friends ok sometimes nick names based on personality so you know if I’m picking my call me or me or if I am left handed I am I may be called a lefty and if you want to meet you maybe ko your friends name name is only used for women again so guys do not have Escorts in Hyderabad.

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I made it sometimes women change their last name when they get married right beyhadh name which is the name for their last name before they got married and that’s what the middle name His middle name cannot be your last name after you get married its your last name before, I am see the spelling used by professionals Female Escorts in Hyderabad, which is different from the real one so this is not the real name machine used by professionals for anybody who wants to kind of you now not give away Hyderabad Escort kind of you now not give away the real name size what time is ashley when you see the book written by somebody that may be the real name but could be there any something that is used by well the escort girl in Hyderabad stage so it talks about people in the entertainment industry, it could be musicians foodie people who are singers and you can have an endless name and last name is used by two people it could be used either by criminals deceive people Comoros obviously do not want to keep a record of what a damn right to the folder Bermuda name they will use analyse name because they want to see people and trace there at Hyderabad Escorts Services, but work to anybody who would be able to make them for doing it again and anybody else who does not want to give the real name or working in a call center and your real name really understand people, I am not using the escort in Hyderabad look at some expressions using the Hyderabad Escort girl likes the first expression using this escort girl is didn’t catch your name had you catch your name I don’t have said that you use when you are going to ask someone to repeat the name Samantha Peter escort girl why do we ask someone to be the name sometimes we Young Ladies your people when they say the name the first time we don’t hear them properly ok let me ride so if you want to really know what the person has said this is a polite way of telling them to repeat again Hyderabad Escorts.

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I say I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name, I am asking you to pictures of once again okay the next expression is the name ring a bell this is my request is used when you are asking if a particular name sounds familiar if you recognize a name from somewhere sound familiar save someone’s as this Independent Hyderabad Escorts, what are you thinking in your mind his Talent Show ring a bell your thinking is having from the party we went to last Saturday what is the current from in our Hyderabad Escorts Service you don’t know right so does the name ring a bell is no other way of asking if a particular name sounds familiar or do you recognize the particular name from somewhere using this world is good why would you protect a good name or your good name refers to the reputation preparation of a company it could be the reputation of a person ok at Hyderabad Independent Escorts Services, if you are protecting your reputation you are preserving no need for preserving your preparation of Hyderabad Escorts Service Girls when there is a certain test that occurs in a company or in an organisation they tend to not let people know about it do you know why because they are trying to protect their good they don’t want their company to be known, as a place where that occurs right so they will protect their name they were preserved reputation people also preservation in Hyderabad Female Escorts it someone talks bad about you you don’t like it right because you want to protect your name your application.

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I am not make a name for yourself if you use when your work is bodyguard after a very good singer and then you keep getting contract saying and act in various place in theater or at the stage now people know you for your work right in other escort girls you also become a household name, if your work you have made a name for yourself people more you for your work and therefore you become a household very important to someone call someone this Escorts Agency in Hyderabad is a very rude why of naming people Escorts Girls overweight calling party, I say, Escorts in Hyderabad given great time whenever you take me her, If someone’s not a very good person you call I’m thinking maybe, I think so you don’t call anyone name is because that is a good way of naming people priya Hyderabad escort agency, high profile services if you are looking for like this just contact us we keep only thing hi profile models like that services only are people like service Solution one call anyone and next one is your name and email it is a different way of saying you can imagine what, I was saying including everything you can say something like let’s talk to you grammar accent pronunciation unit ok so were talking about everything you can imagine we’re doing everything so this hyderabad Female Escort Agencies an expression that you name it means including everything and the lost about is sometimes you don’t know review names of people view someones 9 people involved in something northside and therefore you don’t want to 9 names in other escort girls this is an expression baby names of people in both in something something you have some other things says whatever.
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