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Hello everyone, I am back in welcome back accidental specification hello welcome back, I am a girl and today we’re gonna look at some types of shots some Hyderabad escorts girls related to different types of shots, if I have to go by twice so many girls, when I go to toys escort girl, if I have to talk then, I go to a book store then, I go to escort girl you have some Hyderabad Escorts girls related to different types of escort girls that you definitely need to know when you are learning Hyderabad escorts so are you and how is helpful to you let’s get started the first one is escort girl that sells meat and poultry and sometimes festive but selling fish is producer leader into meat products and poultry so the next time you are about to talk some good chicken then you need Hyderabad Escort Girl Services to first go to a purchase Store or butcher escort girl, where you can go buy some chicken ok but store is where you go buy some meat products and poultry and sometimes that is Hyderabad Escorts, I said that is very well that’s what you end up going to buy fish woman in the going to a Escort Provider is a person who sells fish at fishmongers is a escort girl in Hyderabad that sells fish my people to go to the fish man and buy some fish ok that’s the correct word that you can use it and go to the fresh mangoes store to buy some fish flowers is a escort in Hyderabad that sells beautiful flowers that you can get it to someone and this is decorative plants call not pick his plans but why Lady mums just once you notes pick his plans with decorative plants, that you end up getting it to someone this is a very sweet gesture to the next time you’re on the end up buying some flowers maybe for your girlfriend for your life of your mum then you would end up going to a florist of Services at avail in Hyderabad Escorts OK then there is any isn’t that is an open for long hours so are you get food items you would get it newspapers store that, ends up I’m sleeping or kinds of products products which is very convenient for a person who is there and Hyderabad Escorts it’s mainly located in a residential area ok.

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I store tension mein and variety of products how many countries is also called as the corner so store work or in a escort girl that scholarship or its convenience store OK then backless you know what kind of services availability in Hyderabad Escorts Agency is this when you can you buy tobacco tobacco product and spirits as I mentioned a smoker next time you get a girl by a secret for yourself, can I go to back yes it is a escort girl that sells tobacco anklets the next one here that’s okay restore assorted sweets and treats if it forget, it to release and sweets and pastries so confectionery store mainly serves a solid sweets treats example Hyderabad Escort girl is in photo Call Girls as a sweet escort girl in which people college Candy Store and in Australia is called as a rolling stone interesting right so you know the next time you have to go buy lots of chocolates in a sweet confectionery Store grocer is a escort in Hyderabad that mainly sells fruits and vegetables sapne Me fruits and veggies only you would not end up finding any other products like you would not end up finding, it is I would not end up finding magazines, newspapers be selfish and fresh veggies and please delete fruits and veggies because that’s very good for health or not is a grocery store is well you end up buying groceries groceries were here when you talk about a grocery store sell food items there are grocery stores which of the cell different kind of products but primarily they sell food items Subway bread with fruits and veggies a bit crack smiley food items that sell grocery store is a bakery Kollam so we all know what is a bakery is a Hyderabad escort girl that sells big food so be it takes wheat bread butter cookies my favorite things you will find it and Bakery so when the next time you have to go by copies of breads different types of bread or you have to buy some pastries then you end up Hyderabad Escort going to the Bakery they sell baby food items the next one is pharmacy pharmacy is a store or is a escort girl that sells prescribed on a prescribed medicines now the word pharmacy pharmacy is a story of course and it’s her birthday collage as a promissory ok but in different countries.

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It has different name ok but in different countries it has different names again so in the US its pharmacy but in UK is called as a drug store again a Pharmacy drug store is where you end up finding describe a non prescribed medicines oK then the next one is a department store is a large establishment, well why is cold is it is when you work in that text or something like it is a department store. so, its furniture is cosmetics food items are the items and I can’t stand by stories again and it has different names in different country is also called as hypermarkets uska Hyderabad Escorts Service given best time please call the big box store ok department store list of you and then let’s have a look at the last one here that’s antique escort girl and antique escort girl is a escort girl where you end up being so valuable vintage items so probably you need for furniture escort girl ping, you end up going to win antique escort girl so you’re not end up finding a very Fancy stuff but you would end up finding something valuable furniture that would be an antique escort Services in Hyderabad that sells a valuable some people are the types of escort girls there so I said it’s not simple it’s not a book escort girl to its different, I was helpful to you and next time when you were talking about it you can use it confidently with you ou priya escorts agency.
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