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talk about hobbies and interest have a great way

How about you everyone I am Nitya Srivastav and in today’s lesson we are going to talk about hobbies and interest have a great way to make new friends to get to know someone better this was in geography and Hyderabad Female Escorts, how does ask about someone hobbies and how to reply, I have 3 questions and questions would help you to ask someone about Hyderabad Escorts Girl hobbies and interest ok so there is a very simple I don’t want it to be so, what’s wrong, our Hyderabad Escorts solve your problem whatever you are look solve all erotica and sexual satisfaction, with it so the first one is what you like they said you are the restaurant and your friend brings along with her so now you want to start talking to this person that talk about escorting girls in Hyderabad and talking call girls about, talk about hobby so of course now you want to start talking to this person so many things that you talked about and talking about Hyderabad Escorts hobbies would really help you to get to know him better so the right question to ask what’s your hobbies do you have a question would be perfect in a situation when you are on a days you meaning in you girl or probably meaning a guy that’s right question to you have not replying, you won’t get to know that right place of Hyderabad Escort again this is very basic and very simple should not keep your mind have to do in your free time free time is basically when you’re doing OK when you doing nothing and you like to get busy with something Hyderabad Escorts Services you really like Ok thats what this questions all about what do you like to do in your free time for something that you like to do in your free time okay something that you are very happy to be busy right how to reply to these questions in tricky so let’s learn that.

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I will help you to reply to the question is ignorant the first one is a simple I like or I love football I loves me or I will be followed by which is the end ok so you can say I like football, I love photography, like Hyderabad Escort Ladies, like watching football, Okay something that you love to do anything that baby answering to that question let’s get to some other expression, that would be when you say, I spend a long time we do not follow the now you always Zara Jain, it is always followed by a gerund form for example a lot of time full pictures ok so is this phrase is always followed by the Escorts in Hyderabad form a lot of time now watching TV I spend a lot of time playing tennis ok this is the way you would reply to you is that something you follow it without escort girls, I am very basic you can just say I am in so you say ok or I am in so Hyderabad Escorts pictures ok, if we keep it simple you want to tell something ok you end up using the word really these days over a swimming pool is on your hobbies in resume to show your enthusiasm and you interest to that other person you are replying to this question OK then the phone call on this Hyderabad Escort, I am nothing I am feeling okay again you end up using the session you can follow it now it’s now bye fashion that would help you to answer about your hobbies to talk about your hobbies, Hyderabad Escort Girl, I am fine on redbox Ok on yoga ok which means that you like doing yoga I enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy it ok that you can talk about by studying your face using, I enjoy ok against this phrase of the over is followed by joining form ok or Escort in Hyderabad form something special that you can use you are talking about your hobbies about your hobbies how that would help you to talk about your hobbies available more.

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like as I said if you just end up saying I watch football, I love swimming and that’s about it your conversation is there a reason why you have this ok like doing something so sonarika would you like to do in your free time, I say that I love yoga ok or I love swimming are you coming over Hyderabad Independent Escort Female’s love doing yoga is because it keeps it right away adder using the house locate Hyderabad Escorts Services, I like watching movies ok I spend a lot of time to movies in probably ok watching movies and get your house okay movies and get me out of the house next Friday so you really like photography ok and you think that’s up, Independent Hyderabad Escort, it’s so exciting ok you think that quick in the sky clicking the cooking and give you like it, no problem you like up arts and craft ok and you find Hyderabad Escort Agencies, it very interesting there’s nothing else that you would really like to do except there’s nothing else that you would really like to do except for this so the reason because it’s interesting to you tell the person that you find this interesting in that’s Sangeeta Sharma exactly the reason why you like doing it ok if you know any wonder What how the actual help when we are talking about your hobbies and interests will it work is questioning that so would you do in your free time about your hobbies what sort of the hobbies are you into ok for this is the way we ask the question then he learnt how to reply to Female Escort in Hyderabad, it and then we learn how to give reason to it comes here you are describing your quality you telling that person that because, I am going for beginners and active or socializing that’s exactly the reason why.

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I love doing this minecraft another say I like painting I think I’m very clean and reasoning ok say you have spoke about your hobby ok next one I’m going more about Hyderabad Escort Services to probably you are a very outgoing person ok and that’s why you’re not hanging out with friends hanging out with friends are going for shopping is one of your hubby so you could say you could use a Saturday by saying in outgoing person and that’s why Escorts in Hyderabad girls love hanging out with friends who will be comes at Hyderabad Escorts Agency next one is active so probably you are very active person and that’s the reason you love me you are High Profiles very active so here again you are describing your quality and that’s exactly the reason why you like doing something right I’m in the phone here is socializing friends again which means you like to socialize socialize is another colleague of yours and that’s why you adding to use statement that why you like Hyderabad Escort Girls hanging out with your friends ok expressions you who are talking about hobbies and interest so this will help you too much more about it and whatever.
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